Tsavo, a Home For the Fascinating African Animals

Tsavo Park is the largest park in Kenya and one of the biggest in the world. It is divided into Tsavo East and West. Tsavo river runs across the park but the railway line and the A 109 road divides the park into two. The famous railway line that was constructed in the 19th century also brought about the Tsavo man eaters that terrorized railway workers killing at least 35 of them. There is a lot to see in this park. You can choose to tour all of it at the same time or do it separately. Since it is divided into two, touring one section then crossing to the other section.

You will also note that the climate on both sides is very different. Tsavo East is very dry and hot while its counterpart is wetter and more humid. In Tsavo East, the main attraction is the big five, smaller animals, birds and the diverse terrain. You will encounter hundreds of animals as they go about their business in the park. The best time to adventure is late in the evening or very early in the morning. You will be able to find most animals in action, either grazing or hunting. Other than the man eaters, the park is also famous for the mane less lions. Usually, male lions grow a big heavy mane around the neck that is bright in color but it grows darker and lighter with age. The Tsavo males do not have a mane. They are also larger and heavier than most lions. Male lions are known to dominate a pride where several live with females but are dominated by one older male. In a pride of Tsavo lions, you can only find one male in each group. These males also take part in hunting and sourcing out for food for the entire group which is normally a job left to the females.

In Tsavo West, you will find the Rhino sanctuary. This was built to safeguard the dangerously decreasing numbers of the black rhino which is now an endangered species. At the sanctuary, you will also find other species threatened by extinction. Ngulia rhino sanctuary is a must visit when in Tsavo West. Other places of interest include the mzima springs which is the source of water for Mombasa town. Mudanda rock, offers an underwater natural dam that is a haven in the park. It is a source of water for the elephants and other mammals here. Yatta plateau, Aruba dam and Luggard falls are also other attractions. The Aruba dam is the main source of water for the animals in the Tsavo East especially in the dry season. This is a great place to find the animals resting, taking a dip in the dam and enjoying the cool water in the hot weather.

You can access the park from Mombasa through the Bachuma gate, Voi, through the Manyani gate or Malindi through the Sala gate. There is also a wide variety of bird species in both parks.

Tsavo, a Home For the Fascinating African Animals

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