Basic Difference Between Humans and Animals

When you train animals good and lovingly they, more generally than not, become worthwhile, valuable and trustworthy creatures. When you educate children lovingly with high education many of them become adults with a criminal inclination that can do great injury to other people or even to a great segment of society. I mean hereby that a well-trained animal will lose its predatory nature and will trust its master for its needs in return for its obedience. That is what animal training is all about and people are very good at training animals- -any kind of animal.

When you train children through a well-rounded university training the child’s predatory nature seems to be reinforced and awakened in the adult. We can see this in the behavior of professionals- -such as lawyers, financial gurus, doctors, and many other types of professionals catering to the needs of individuals. One cannot expect full dedicated service from them because they set things up so that you will become dependent on them so they can continue to charge you their outrageous rates. They give you diluted, marginal service.

When you go to a medical doctor, for instance, you are not expected to pay your fee for all the things he knows but you do not need. You pay him for knowing, exactly, what you do need. If he starts guessing and his guesses do not pay off for your health situation, the doctor has not provided you with the skill and knowledge you do specifically need. You, thus, got nothing of value in return for your fee to him. My wife has good experience with that with many of the medical professionals she has seen. It just does not seem fair.

We must realize that we, the public as a collection of individuals, provided for their training. We are the ones authorizing their education and paying a great deal toward their education through taxes, grants, voluntary services, etc. They bite the hand that allowed them to be educated.

For instance, I know of a patent lawyer to bring a patent application into the best shape possible so that the patent application does not become a sort of ping-pong ball, bouncing back and forth between the lawyer and the patent office. One has to pay through the nose upfront to retain them. The lawyer never returned any phone calls, emails and letters. It was as if he were god, unreachable. His office typed the invention as given by his client. There was no iota difference. The lawyer was told repeatedly to rephrase the wording of the claims in the patent. It ended up that the client’s wording, not the lawyer’s was sent in to the patent office.

He was also demanded of him, repeatedly, to request for priority handling because of old age allowance for the client, because the nation would save huge amounts of diesel fuel and because the patent could have military significance. This request can only be made once- -together with the original filing. Yet, the application was filed without this request.  

Then, the lawyer was paid extra, upfront, to belatedly file that request. This was never done either.

On the other hand, it happens quite regularly that I pay for $30.00 groceries or prescriptions with a $100 or $50 bill, and then walk out without even thinking of receiving my change. It has never happened that the clerk did not call me back, or followed me to my car to hand me the change. See the picture. Doctors, dentists and psychiatrists always take my money (I do not have insurance), and will not return a dime even though their involvement did not resolve my problems. We all can tell similar stories about that.

Doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, even clerics of the many diverse religions, you name them- -they all do the same routinely. A dentist some twenty years back claimed to have found 15 cavities that needed his attention. The fellow never came back to him but the next dentist he went to 3 years later claimed he could only find 3. I wonder if that guy even had those 3. It truly is outrageous that educated people deliberately do these things. I am sure that all of you can recount many similar incidents.

I can go on and on finding ever more instances myself. We have all felt serious losses due to the foul play of top-level financial gurus and bureaucrats in this present economic crisis. Since the inception of the Federal Reserve Board financial crises are manufactured. The Board’s powers and authorities lie exactly in the role of guiding the economy so that such crises cannot take place. The board’s powers are so great that it is just a minor routine to create a financial crisis.

I believe that the difference between trained animals and humans lies in that animals have no trouble loving and respecting their masters for what they are. Educated people, however, strife to love themselves more than others; and to be master more than being of being a subordinate or of true service. Their drive for success and scholarly recognition seems to thwart many from using their learned skills for altruistic goals.

Trained animals understand that trying to be a master is an endeavor in futility but humans erroneously believe that when enough authority, power and cunning are exerted there can be no one greater than he or she. Power leads to insanity and insanity leads to everlasting unhappiness.

Trained animals, because they strife to have no more than what is needed now for their maintenance can find happiness and can accept love and return love genuinely towards their master(s). Educated people, however, because they are driven by gain of lucre, vanity and jealousy, insist to gain more power, wealth and recognition than others at whatever costs to others; which drive leads to an insane type of competitive existence where happiness and love are sacrificed for the goal of being seen and recognized as a master of some sort. Utopia cannot be found on earth because enough, supposedly intelligent, educated people intensively strife to prevent it.

Masters are feared and envied but are never loved and honored. Masters in any kind of endeavor rely on their prowess and cunning to produce riches and arts of the material kind. Whoever reveres a master cannot know love and is spiritually lost. Fear and love for the same entity cannot coexist. Both love and fear produce obedience and cooperation. Genuine cooperation comes either through love or fear- -never together by the same person for the same master, not in animals and not in humans.

Both emotions produce somewhat the same effect, but the master insists on being feared over being loved. Masters instill fear. Masters feign love, but with a blunt instrument held behind the back, which instrument enforces fear in subordinates and masters practice deceit on their clients routinely and professionally.

However, there is one type of master that does not seek riches, power and prestige. There are very, very few of such masters because they seek to bring understanding of spiritual truth to others. It is a futile type of endeavor because there is no commercial market that can be served. The true master’s teaching is absolutely not sought in the world or even in the universe. The truth these masters are willing to give will destroy a supposed pupil’s dependence on physical reality. It will leave them in a physical and mental void. For physical creatures this is an utterly ridiculous proposition because it would destroy the primary purpose of their physical nature. Yet, physical nature is but a spiritual dream. It is an extreme in cold turkey effect in humans that prevents soul’s true redemption.

Any form of belief is a state of brainwashing. The more certain a person is about, for instance, his religious faith, the more wrong the person is. Religions brainwash their adherents. It makes adherents comfortable in their physical situation and gives them false ‘hope’ in a comfortable ‘here-after’. It is the only way creeds get into existence and by which they become wide-spread and by which they are maintained. For instance; being a dedicated American citizen, as recognized by the news media and the general public, is a state of conditioned brainwashing. Having physical awareness as a creature is a state of spiritual brainwashing. It is the spiritual entity’s conditioned state of believing a spiritual lie over the spiritual truth. A soul who believes a structural lie about true reality negates and forgets that reality completely. Humans as physical creatures can only see the truth according to the spiritual lie believed by their brainwashed spiritual entities (souls). The word ‘soul‘ truly means a spiritual entity spiritually deceived and of no real effect.

Our deceiver is our god Jehovah, the serpent. Because of a spiritual lie believed we, as souls, are dead to the true spiritual reality. Now, according to the supposed truth about the lie we have physical, but not spiritual, awareness. The physical reality has taken on a guise of being genuine. This is exactly the result professional brainwashers seek to instill into their victims/pupils. Totally brainwashed people see the world through brainwashed conditioned awareness. They are convinced that what they now know is the truth about reality- -but unfortunately, this state of being brainwashed spiritually, when one does not receive outside spiritual help, closes all mental doors for return to the true state of affairs in spirit. That is the very, and only reason that the spirit in Jesus came among us. We, as hallucinatory projections of deceived spirit, are the only means for this spirit of truth in Jesus to get in touch with our deceived and comatose souls.

Brainwashed people are extremely outspoken and adamant about the propaganda they believe. It is the mental effort of making sense of, and believing in propaganda that makes the brainwashing stick in one’s mind. That is the reason for the authoritative behavior of highly trained people. They truly believe all the hype they learned, and if they do not do so they pretend to reap whatever reward they think is due to them for having all that education. It does really pay off.

Any outside effort to correct a brainwashed/educated person’s misperceived outlook on reality will meet with very strong adamant resistance. If one wants to do this to a group of brainwashed people/professionals, the group can become seriously hostile toward the speaker and might even want to kill the speaker (as they did to Jesus).

Here is the real problem: the more education (brainwashing) a person has received in his life, and the more the person relies on making a livelihood with the material learned, the more easy it is to continue to brainwash the person and the harder it is to make him/her see the falsehood of his misperceptions. This is a general truth, well understood by propaganda scientists and technical experts.  Educated people had to absorb enormous amounts of truly unverified information. They are sitting ducks for clever propagandists.

It is much harder to shed one’s false beliefs on which one’s whole physical existence seems to depend than to believe a lie about the original ‘truth’. What parades in our minds as the ‘truth’ is easy and unencumbered by mental gymnastics because we grew up, and were continually conditioned into it. One could say it is cheap because it costs us no mental effort to remain in original truth (whatever one could conceive this truth to be- -this truth could very well be a lie). So, when someone comes along and tells a differing opinion about this ‘truth’ that so far outshines the conditions for him in the present truth, it is easy to make the lie stick and make this differing opinion the new truth and to chuck out the previous truth. This called a process of seduction or propaganda- -I call it a system of lies. That is what happened between Woman and the serpent. Once a lie is believed about her true ‘reality’, she lost that reality because the lie made it disappear so that a reality based on the lie can appear and can now be disguised as the truth.

All creatures are caught in a spiritual delusion that is the foundation of some sense of physical reality. Because of the spiritual delusion presently held in soul physical reality appeared and established itself as true reality; but it is the common spiritual fiction held in the mind of all physical creatures. We all see the universe for what it is because the delusion is common. We were taught to see it the way we see it and we reinforce this delusion on each other every moment- -just as religious groups reinforce their delusions on each other.

We must get a grip on our spiritual nature. If we are spiritually awake, why do we have a physical sense of awareness and absolutely no spiritual awareness of being? We either are spiritually awake or physically awake. Again the proposition is to be or not to be. Not to be is to negate our higher or innate spiritual reality and thus to be aware in the physical sense. In physical nature nothing is laid down in hard and fast rules. Everything is relative- -even our physical sense of awareness. This clearly indicates a spiritual confusion. Spirit can only be confused when it is unaware of it true environment; hence physical creatures are delusions of souls’ spiritual minds.

Because of the spiritual delusion true reality vanished and its surrogate “physical reality” came into expression and true reality was deliberately rejected, repressed and utterly forgotten.

The truth that will set one free is that creatures have believed a spiritual lie and are now caught in utter nothingness, which nothingness is the necessary foundation for the acceptance of a surrogate fictional reality- -physical reality.

True reality cannot be lost as long as one is in full agreement with it. One is eternal. The proof that physical creatures exist in a fictional reality is that they must be born into it and must die and lose the physical sense of the reality of their, supposed, primal mode of being. Creatures, obviously, are not eternal so they must be ficitonal.

It is only possible to enter into and exit from a sense of reality when one realizes that one is dealing with fiction. One can, also, exit true spiritual reality, only, when one is cleverly seduced to accept a structural lie about that sense of original reality; because once a lie is introduced into one’s spiritual sense of true reality (incorporates a fiction in one’s understanding of the true environment) it is not a true reality anymore but a fiction. When this is fully understood, one has learned what the “Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil” offers to teach us as spirits. Lies/propaganda when believed will eject us from our sense of previous fiction into a new, cleverly arranged fiction. This process is always at work in physical reality- -that is why our understanding of reality will not be that of our offspring in the near and farther removed future.

The true master enlightens the pupil on the truth that was lost by taking the delusion seriously. Once a pupil again grasps the spiritual truth of its condition, and the reality of a spiritual realm that was lost thereby, he/she can relinquish the physical universe and is in a position to wake up in true reality- -the true reality on which all spiritual beingness is based. That, folk, is true soul travel!

Humans, however, have a remote ability of grasping the truth of their spiritual dilemma, while animals are utterly incapable of it. Therefore humans have a chance on spiritual redemption while animals have not. However, animals can contemplate their situation and experience like humans but in most cases are incapable of taking rational action, because of physical and mental limitations in their bodily make-up. The hyper-anxiety native to their nature prevents any spiritual thought.

Animals are like humans but animals have accepted a greater set of systems of lies than humans. The lies they, as souls, have believed have overcome their spiritual capacity to seek redemption. Truth has become out of reach and reality based on a lie has taken the foreground permanently. Humans, by default, are on a journey to become fully animal. Spiritual evolution spirals downward away from spiritual reality into situations of even more confining traps of receding, spiritual and physical aliveness. Only understanding the truth of our spiritual situation can abruptly reverse this downward spiral and reestablish soul in true reality. The truth, as Jesus taught, will set us free from bondage of existence in a set of spiritual and universal lies believed.  This is the only message the spirit in Jesus came down to earth to teach.

Even though most religious creeds teach that ‘truth will set you free’ very few have any idea what class of truth this statement deals with. Many people have stated the true facts about an incident as they can remember or perceive them and by stating the true facts may have gotten them selves in serious trouble. By not knowing with what sort of truth we are dealing in Jesus’ statement people must continue to reincarnate; because there are only two sorts of reality- -true reality and a derivative of true reality by including a structural lie into the true reality. This lie will erase reality from one’s spiritual mind and substitute a false one.

As long as souls continue to accept the lie there is only one place they can be at all- -the false reality.  A reality where everything is relative; where good can become evil simply through clever propaganda campaigns and evil can parade as good. The Bible states that the devil always comes to you in a disguise of good- -a shining angel of truth. What is more like such a brightly shining angel than our god Jehovah, himself? He is the serpent we took as the truth-sayer in spirit; and Jesus is his adversary who came among us to reclaim back those who can have his true spiritual truth; its opposite- -the original true spiritual truth. Or, of course, Jesus can be made to be seen as a spiritual adversary/serpent in Jehovah’s garden- -the physical universe. So, if Jesus parades as the Christ in our, Jehovah-conditioned minds, then from the perspective of the spiritual war, Jesus, the intruder from beyond the boundaries of the universe, is really an adversary/anti-Christ of Jehovah.

Seek to grasp the truth of your spiritual situation before your soul will atrophy to sole dependence for beingness in the natural, physical realm as animals. Animal life is the first step in hell that is irreversible.

Everything we have learned and experienced in earth: of a physical, religious, philosophical and scientific nature is spiritual fiction that will reinforce the delusion of fictional reality on you and continues to hide the spiritual reality. One can see that regaining the original spiritual truth is most improbable for almost all of us- -even our understanding of spirit is delusion. We have been so deceived spiritually that souls continue to determinedly negate their own real existence (remain comatose to true reality) and pretend existence in a philosophy of lies. This pretense reveals itself as, very real-seeming physical reality.

Basic Difference Between Humans and Animals

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